(COMIC1☆14) [UROBOROS (Utatane Hiroyuki)] Namaashi Cardigan (SSSS.GRIDMAN) [English] [snapte]

Was there an alternative? Maybe, but not something that easy to imagine. Do you realize no man has ever seen my tits but you? No one has ever touched them or stroked them or held them so tenderly or playfully pinched and sucked on my nipples.

Hentai: (COMIC1☆14) [UROBOROS (Utatane Hiroyuki)] Namaashi Cardigan (SSSS.GRIDMAN) [English] [snapte]

Namaashi Cardigan 1Namaashi Cardigan 2Namaashi Cardigan 3Namaashi Cardigan 4Namaashi Cardigan 5Namaashi Cardigan 6Namaashi Cardigan 7Namaashi Cardigan 8Namaashi Cardigan 9Namaashi Cardigan 10Namaashi Cardigan 11Namaashi Cardigan 12Namaashi Cardigan 13Namaashi Cardigan 14

(COMIC1☆14) [UROBOROS (うたたねひろゆき)]なまあしカーディガン(SSSS.GRIDMAN) [英訳]

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