Wanyanaguda - Papa's Cake [ENG]

Jessica had been told about the terrible way in witch the processing plants and the meat agencies treated run away meat-girls but that was only half of the story had her mother also told her about the meat agencies calling up all surviving female members of the run away girls family as meat as well, then Jessica might have actually considered not returning home with or without her little friend, Jessica's mother being the only surviving female member left in her family that would have been her ultimate revenge, this being the very reason her mother had never told her. Continue reading “You have 20 minutes to get back here with one of your little friends, she has to be of cooking age with a valid cunt tag or you go back in that roasting pan” she said waving her knife around for dramatic effect, “Also if your not back in 20 minutes with or without your little friend I will report you as run away meat, and you know what they do to them” she added with a sadistic laugh.

Hentai: Wanyanaguda – Papa's Cake [ENG]

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